Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon – album – songs – download – rar

Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon – album – songs – download – rar

Diplo major lazer-despite problems at the airport in Gdansk was talkative Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon, but equally strange companion, as this entire musical project. I won’t take up much of your time, because I know you had problems coming to us…

Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon album

Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon albumWe have plenty of Time. But it’s true, it seems that someone left some kind of backpack at the airport and we had to wait until everything was decided. We are, however, already in place. Tired, but at the same time full of energy. Probably because of the dinner we just ate. You acted separately, then with M. I. A., Santigold… How did it happen that you decided one day to make a duo Diplo and Switch, which you call Major Lazer?

Hard to say. We never thought that was the case. It just Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon album happened. Our visions of making music matched, so we decided to combine them. And it worked. Three years later, people went crazy. Freaking out even more! It’s our business, people should go crazy when they not only hear music, but only our name. Yes, title. Major laser is a character fighting zombies and vampires.

We make crazy music, so we came up with crazy areola. Our songs are meant to be fun. They’re bright and wild. Like a comic. So we came up with a character that describes our joint work. Some of your rooms are very oak. So. All because we’re inspired by some pretty tough Jamaican sounds. Therefore, songs of major lazer is not only dancing, but also mind-blowing. Sometimes as strange as the” original don”, whose success exceeded our wildest expectations. And how the fact that beyoncé wants to use demonstrate with Pon de Floor? in your song?

Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon songs

Dude, that was great! Too bad we couldn’t work with her anymore. Because not only beautiful, but also talented, open to suggestions… Just a Mature artist. I love this CD where we had the opportunity to collaborate. I hope that the list of artists with whom we will create will be further increased. But until we scattered the brains of the people at Open’er.

Distribution of “Oscars” is, without a doubt, one of Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon songs the most important events in show business. Tonight, the eyes of the world are on the prize. The walk along the red carpet is reserved exclusively for the most outstanding. Most stars would be a lot to raise on it. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez continues to distance herself from show business. Why didn’t you come to the Oscars?

Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon download

Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon downloadWe have the Oscars. Celebration this hotel has been in great demand for many years. Being on the red carpet that night is a real indicator of status. All young stars dream that they can advance on the walls before the Oscars. Most of… Selena Gomez didn’t come to the Oscars! Selena Gomez missed the Oscars. Theoretically, it’s not shocking. After all, Selena Gomez neither was nominated in any Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon download category, nor handed over the statuette. However, it seemed like the Oscars were a good time for Selena Gomez to finally return to the seam business.

We remind you that for several months Selena Gomez avoids the media. It all started a few months ago when I was in therapy. Then Selena Gomez completely disappeared. She stopped going to salons and using social media. Former boyfriend Kylie Jenner, of course, will not improve their image of this kind of shares. Tyga scared everyone after he shook the nightclub to get to his bodyguard for his gun! Fortunately, the taiga employee had a much more sober mind than the rapper… what was he planning to do?

Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon rar

Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon rarTyga has repeatedly shown that breaking the law is not a problem for him. Former boyfriend Kylie Jenner regularly has scores with the police that one does not stop him before the next freaks. This time it could have ended tragically because it was part of the game… gunfire! Tyga played Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon rar recently with friends at the Sunset Room club, where he celebrated the birthday of his friend, boxer Floyd Mayweathera Jr. During the rapper event, he argued with another man present at the club. And then it became very dangerous.

Taiga’s waving a gun in front of the club? It is not known how the conflict began and who initiated it. However, it is known that the behavior of TIGI it is not like the club owners who encouraged his bodyguards to bring adventurous rapper from the club. On a recording published by the TMZ service, you can see a muscular bodyguard screaming at a Tiger outside. Before entering the club made a considerable stir. At some point Tyga reached into his bodyguard, trying to pick up his weapon! However, the man quickly stopped the aggressive celebrity. I dread to think what might have happened…

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Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 – album – songs – download – rar

Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 - album - songs - download - rar

In less than two weeks in Warsaw Proximie for the first time in Poland will perform Duo Rae Sremmurd. Tickets for this concert went at a fast pace. The band, founded in 2013, is a great hope for American rap and another representative of the powerful scene from Atlanta. Barely 20-year-old Swae Lee Brown and a year older, Slim Jimmy brown is famous for their openness and energy during concerts.

Rae Sremmurd, and in fact ray-Shrim-uh, because Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 so correctly to pronounce the name, was founded in a small town Tupelo, Mississippi (Elvis was also born there). The brown brothers were raised in IDA Street, which, to put it mildly, is not among the top 10 best places to do so. In addition, their lives are complicated by the separation of the parents. At some point, the street became their home.

Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 album

Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 albumThe first role model and proof that music can help you get out of life’s ass, was rapper David Banner. Sway Lee and slim Jimmy went for the party. Parties and concerts in abandoned buildings, it was everyday life. But they had big ambitions, so they started recording pieces and making beats (originally called Dem Outta St8 Boyz). A turning point in their career was a performance in the popular TV show Wild Out Wednesday, during which the brothers drew attention to a local producer and rapper Named p-Nastya.

His biggest advantage was contacts, or rather Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 album, cooperation with the legend among manufacturers, Mike WiLL Made-it (Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Future). Quickly reached the meeting, and then signed a contract with the label Ear Drummer Records. The brothers convinced the producer with their energy and authenticity. We have reached a point where we can talk about the importance of the Duo’s name. Not too complicated because it’s just an Ear Drummer to read from behind.

Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 songs

Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 songsThe first single for Ear Drummer Records was No Flex Zone, which jumped from the spot to the Billboard Hot 100 list, and later, in official remixes, the Duo Nicki Minaj and Pusha T. Later was even better, and this is due to the piece of No Type. The hit has nearly 300 million views on YouTube. Both songs come from their debut album SremmLife, which was premiered in January of this year. They had stars like Nicki Minaj, young tug, or big Sean.

Despite the fact that the concert tour promotes the Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 songs album, the brothers are working on its continuation (SremmLife 2). Say, should emerge still in this year. In Warsaw, you can count on a large dose of energy. Maybe this time there will be no injuries. Rae Sremmurd in Poland played for the first time and immediately became the heroes of a long scandal. Two teenagers claimed to have spent on the bus rappers a few hours after the concert. Who Is Rae Sremmurd?

Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 download

Rae Sremmurd became the heroes of a shocking film that two teenagers from Warsaw threw on Snapchat. A video in which the girls claim to have spent in the bus Rae Sremmurd a few hours after their concert in Proximie, is now hot topics of gossip. Through obscene language and detailed description of events, the controversial film is not suitable for duplication. Or did the Teens tell the truth about what they were doing with Rae Sremmurd? Check out who rappers with Rae Sremmurd are.

Rae Sremmurd-who are the rappers from the history of the teenager from Poland? Rappers RAE Sremmurd brothers: Caliph “sway Lee” brown and Aakil” thin Jimmy ” brown. The name Rae Sremmurd is read from behind the name of the Studio from which they originate Ear Drummer, owned by Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 download then famous producer Mike Will Made It. Ri’s Debut album Sremmurd-SremmLife was released in January 2015, and their singles No Flex Zone and No Type debuted at, respectively, 36. and 16. place the American Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 rar

Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 rarRae Sremmurd certainly doesn’t guard against girls, as can be seen in their clips, including Throw Sum Mo with Nicki Minaj Lee in the last piece of Rae Sremmurd – Come Get Her. Manufacturer Telanus Martin betrayed the details of the project the deceased rapper has called Maclib. This could be one of the events of the year.

Let’s give Voice Martin, who shook the world of music, recently giving an interview to the DJ Booth: I played before Matlida last summer in Chicago, for pitchfork’s party. I still have 15-20 minutes left to play when Madlib appeared. Pete Rock, too, though. I’m trying to focus on my Rae Sremmurd SremmLife 3 rar set, and Madlib releases a piece of Mac Miller 15 minutes after his performance. I turn around and ask You, is that it anymore?’ to which he replied, ‘Oh, Yes, the whole album. Maclib.’

Martin added that he does not know whether Maclib will be officially released, but hopes that Madlib will decide one day to bless the world with this project. We also hope, and in the meantime Madlib announced a new project with Freddie Gibbs-Bandana. Check out the single Flat Tummy Tea.

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Gilliamesque by Terry Gilliam, review: ‘A handsome memoir’

Gilliamesque by Terry Gilliam, review: 'A handsome memoir'

Speaking of a real feast after reading the death autobiography of Terry Gilliam called “Gilliamesque” co-founder of the Flying Circus group Monty Python, cartoonist, comic book Creator, film Director, theater, Opera house, it’s just to say about the snack, constantly in front of you the main course. Gifted, sensitive, with an incredible imagination and sense of humor, also drawn, despite the lack of TV in the house has grown to a well-known, respected independent Director and screenwriter.

We would say a poor, modest childhood, in a house without a TV

We would say a poor, modest childhood, in a house without a TVIn a country where the motto was “from puzibut to a millionaire:” it’s probably some crypto-Communists? But under this tynkturą hides a vulnerable guy who reads the tales of the brothers Grimm, the authorized Bible of king James, and on TV, walks into a friend, absorbing parodies of the first television comedians Ernie Kovacsa and Sid Caesera, which surreal humor will be for him later, pure inspiration.

Gilliam tries to tell his life briefly, but accurately distributes the emphasis of what was important to him, interesting and inspiring. He grew up in a Protestant family who, with respect for hard work, sought his place on the US map. In the fifties travel to Sunny California and settle in the Valley of San Fernando bravery. Like in the movie anger. To live next to footage used in the dry cowboy movies there, meant nothing else, as inevitably closer to his destiny. As a young eleven-year-old boy did not understand the case yet, but when I got the piano, and then participated in the drama club and reception in the dynamic world of comics, like most of his peers slowly became Terry Gilliamem, restless spirit, using its inherent advantages-autoironię, sarcasm, satirical punch and original mottos.

The author grew up on cult modern comics like “Mad”, “Superman” or “Batman” could count in the realization of their then stage ideas for parents. This is important when you have more than one opponent in front of you: the school system, scouts, charity or Church wheels of readers. Thanks to prezbiteriańskiemu scholarship, after graduating from high school he entered a good University Occidental College, where, as he writes,”he entered her doorsteps as a capable and outstanding student, and came out as worthless, slacker, without a life goal, with moderate grades in the index”.

But it already happens that the acquired freedom and independence, as a rule, is the result of a collision with zabetonowanym education system, and University relations. So formatted Gilliam went into adulthood and became what, I don’t know if it was worth dreaming about, but certainly realized his komiksowo-film ” the way of life rich in various more or less funny moments. One thing definitely fell on the people who sooner or later they learned in it, his abilities, as during the first job in new York, Harvey Kurtzman “Help” when his personal RESUME was a student magazine “Fang”, which carried out with przedmontypythonowską team.

The years of hippie counterculture coincided with the Vietnam war

The years of hippie counterculture coincided with the Vietnam warThe anti-war riots At the University of century city, then gunshots and the murder of students on the campus of the University of Kent, the murder of pastor Luther king. Embodied in the National Guard Gilliam painted and was constantly on vacation. When you go to Canada for Expo 67 stopped in one of the small towns of Wyoming attacked their locals, according to “krąglolicy inbreeding product” overflowed.

All this together inspired the sensitive Gilliam, who at the same time met johnny Cleese, Graham Chapman, and we will fall in love, like everyone else in the Beatles music, to leave free censorship America in the UK. There his career was like a stone in the hands of Sisyphus, but not uphill, only from above. When you record subsequent episodes of Monty Python developed their talent to draw, but exercising, played a cameo role, Director. All this later led to the classic films like “Jabberwocky”, “Expedition after the Grail or”Brian’s Life”.

All previous professional practice, skills and talent were identified in each of these works separately. Distinctive cinematic collages from ideas like comics complemented the ideas of Python buddies, but also allowed to illustrate something that would require tons of work and expensive special effects on set. The experience gained in collaboration with the Flying circus came true in his first “fantasy Trilogy” about human life, that is “bandits in time”, “Brazil” and “the adventures of Baron Munchausen”. Crazy action, ideas, special effects, selection of actors, Gilliamesque by Terry Gilliam, review: ‘A handsome memoir’. What could dream of, every Director. The importance of Gilliam grew, he could have almost any box office performer the fact did not work with Brando, but I think his specific imagination and understanding of cinema did not go hand in hand with the energy of the godfather.”

The life of the Director, is work

The life of the Director, is workWork and more work on the script, the work of the label, producers, actors, crew plans, test shots. This whole play, stretched out in time. Sometimes continues like his last movie “the Man who killed don Quixote” nearly twenty years. How it affects the psyche, life, family life, social, promotion of their films, presence at festivals, read about it yourself. But one thing you I’d say, had reliance in his family. Adult daughters helped him to finish “Parnassus”and” Las Vegas Paramo”.

The book is so full of different thoughts, anecdotes, meetings with people of art, actors, Directors, producers, like George Harrison, who accidentally saved one of his most eternal films that would be enough for the entire book trilogy. Gilliam fit on less than three hundred sides. All that he thought in his creative life for the main thing gave us, accompanied by his recognizable worldwide drawings. How many Golden thoughts, tips, who generously handed out, it is difficult to count.

This on its own is generous, although living on man, upload date modestly, to destroy your ego, intends selfishness. He acts as a good friend next door, from the same street. And this is the undeniable advantage of his autobiography, written as he sarcastically noted in the subtitle “before-posthumously”, that is, speaking colloquially at the same time. Between one movie, a second script, a jury at festivals, finding sponsors and money; how to complete “Parnassus” or “the man who killed don Quixote.”

Surely, whether he wants it or not, entered the history of cinema and cinema. Met great actors: Jeff small bridges, Robin Williams, Robert de Niro, brad pitt, Hit Will, [ … ] the image of rounded Thurman, producer and music by George Harrison. And his almost brothers “circus Monty Python”: John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Graham Chapman. Which played great, but studied. It was with them raised the bar and English humor, as well as Beatles entertaining music of high art rank. Art that has lost nothing of its artistry and transmission unites generations. Becoming a bridge, after which, as after the film will be the next new young viewers to confirm that a well-told story, the wheel rolls…and comes back to us.

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Hemingway, the Sensualist

Hemingway, the Sensualist

I read Hemingway in one fell swoop, almost entirely. These more-known books are re-invented after many years, those less known for the first time. As a very young man and a very novice writer honestly Hemingway I hated – and today I see that I was quite right, but not all right.

The debunking, when it came, came hard

The debunking, when it came, came hardFirst of all, lesser-known books are quite rightly less known. Some of them read with simple embarrassment. “Wyspa na Golfsztromie” – heavy, monstrously boring plywood of motifs, something on the border of autoparodii. “Behind the river, in the shadow of trees” – a tearful old man, in which Italian teenagers love each other. “Green Hills of Africa” ​​- chronicle of murdering all possible species of African fauna, hardworking of lionesses, zebras, rhinoceroses. In this last work, the so-called “problematic work” also captivates. The main conflict stems from the fact that Ernest’s friend shot a larger animal than Ernest. Ernest’s unhappiness grows. The fight hangs in the air. The situation is softened by a reminder: “Let’s act like white people!”. Literally.

In moral terms, Ernest is not the strongest even in his best books. Everywhere, the same colonialism (or even racism), everywhere murdering everything that moves (indifferent – running, swimming or flying), everywhere disgusting sexism. Someone once made a fun graphical juxtaposition of the deceased in all of Shakespeare’s plays. You could also make a jumble of idiots (often dumb) in Hemingway’s novels. Of course, there are also idiots in Ernest, but always with one exception – the main character, stylized as the author himself. Women are, at Hemingway, idiots without any exception. Generally: a woman is a ball, a rod and a shotgun.

Suddenly, though, there has been an academic revival in Hemingway studies

Suddenly, though, there has been an academic revival in Hemingway studiesAlso, these famous Hemingway morals are not convincing after all these years. “Man is not created for defeat.” Well, what else is a human being created for? “Man can be destroyed, but not beat.” Seriously? And he writes it Hemingway in the mid-twentieth century, when it was already more or less clear – and many books have already been written about it – that a man can be destroyed, one can defeat: everything can be done with a human being.

And yet – despite all antipathy – when I started writing, I imagined that I would become someone like Hemingway. That I can get a little bit in the attic in Paris, and I drive around Africa a bit. That at the right time I will argue with Gertrude Stein that my next wives will lose my manuscripts on the trains. That maybe I will read something there, but mostly he boxed. That I would be a “life” writer, not a “library” writer. Only later did I find out that these tuberculosis libraries are usually much closer to life than those boxers and hunters, although the latter have to offer in terms of purely artistic much more than they themselves admit to.

Because Hemingway is and remains a point of reference – someone who can be defended successfully, only some elements in this puzzle must be rearranged. I do not know if Hemingway was a good writer, but he was certainly an outstanding theoretician of literature. Absolutely brilliant is the idea that the story is like an iceberg, which only a few percent protrudes from the sea surface – and only a few percent goes to paper.

Hemingway’s charisma and good looks had made life easy for him

Hemingway’s charisma and good looks had made life easy for himPerhaps that is why Hemingway’s stories are much better than his novels. In the first, Hemingway does not write everything he knows, but in the latter he serves us with an iceberg, diligently extending above the surface. The moral of reading the collected works of Hemingway is so and that the novel must be written only when the subject taken into the workshop can no longer be tangled in the story. In nine cases out of ten can be done.

From Hemingway, the Sensualist you can learn countless very useful writing tricks. Even if you never start a story from the first sentence, only – more or less – from the fourth and three previous throw it in the trash. Or that the novels should be arranged like sets of stories, and the stories should be written as if they were great epic novels. And above all, in the writing of prose there are tricks at all, some techniques – that you do not just do it from left to right, that you have to have an idea and then stick to it consistently.

Writing dubiously morally, but technically convincing. Rather, the theory of literature than literature. Contrary to the declarations of Hemingway himself – rather a collection of figures than people, with one main figure of Ernest himself in the center. Literature that can be destroyed, but not defeated.

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Wilson is like my nemesis – but I admire him also

Wilson is like my nemesis – but I admire him also

The number of the best literary outsiders just expanded to another nice, in his crazy form, man. Meet Wilson, the hero of the new cartoon Daniel Clowesa, which came out in circulation publishing Culture of Anger.

Wilson is set up as a series of short strips rather than one continued narrative

Wilson is set up as a series of short strips rather than one continued narrativeDo you know these people who sit in cafes, waiting rooms or other public places and talk to you even though you didn’t want to? And now add to that the arrogance, anger and endless reserves of cynicism and multiply by at least three. You Get Wilson.

The main character of the comic book Daniel Clovs is a lonely middle-aged egoist. Despite the appearance, it can not be called a misanthrope. Not keeping to himself. He likes to leave the house, is interested in the world around him and tries to establish contacts. Doing so, however, is not how it should be. Speaking out loud about things that others dare to think about at best is perceived because it is fair as an extremely obnoxious person.

When Wilson’s father dies, he comes a grim constellation that he was left alone. However, when the parent was alive, he often simply forgot about his existence, but now, when he was not enough, he realizes that he has no family. Nobody. But, as he himself says, ” life is difficult if you do not have someone to share it with.” So decides to find a wife, which broke up sixteen years ago. At the time of divorce, the woman was pregnant. Apparently, so son or daughter. True, the child was put up for adoption, but this is not an obstacle for Wilson. They will stop at nothing to do the right thing for the first time in their lives” and try to have a real family.

There are commonalities between the character Wilson and Seymour from ‘Ghost World’

There are commonalities between the character Wilson and Seymour from ‘Ghost World’The emergence of the comic is associated with the personal experiences of the author. Like Wilson, Clovs ‘ father died of cancer in the hospital. “I flew to Chicago and sat next to him in this vain hope that we would survive the moment of the final Epiphany, that he would tell me secrets he never told me, he would say something profound,” says Clow. “I sat there, nothing to do. I found it would be disrespectful if I checked my mailbox while it was lying next to it, so I thought I’d start drawing.” So Wilson was born, initially closer to his author, over time, however, starting to live his own life, modeled on many of his friends, aged artists who at some point of life turned into samotników about complex characters.

Readers of the previous comics of Daniel Clough, for example, “David Boring”, “patience”, and resumed only an iconic “Ghost World”, will surely surprise the form of “Wilson”. Instead of a continuous narrative, we get a set of one-page stories, drawn in a more or less realistic style, which, however, add up in a cohesive, but crazy story. Very original procedure, Wilson is like my nemesis – but I admire him also, which in this case will work fine. Because of the bite of the titular hero of each of the episodes takes the form of a separate sketch at the same time propelling the action forward.

“It was an experiment. I realized I was stuck making these long stories in which ożenionym with the same style, tempo and tone. In this situation, you can not change anything. I wanted to come up with a way to do more things where I could start each day with a new approach and keep my energy fresh,” explains Danielle Clow. The artist began to draw individual strips without thinking about a consistent narrative. Later, however, she began to follow from them a story. As Clowes counts, a total of three times as many boards have been created than we get in the comics. Finally got rid of all the ones that weren’t part of the story.

Ghost World remains a cult favourite

Ghost World remains a cult favouriteClowes has a special talent for creating characters-outsiders who can win the sympathy of readers. So it was even with Seymour in the “Ghost world”, which was mentioned earlier. You can’t react to Wilson like that. This is a hero, in which we can view, as if in a mirror. On the one hand, leads a life that none of us would like to know, on the other, however, sometimes in the spirit, we can envy him brazen openness, say what he thinks, and what we usually suppress in itself, was shackled by shame, konwenansami, or just the usual politeness.

Because we understand that some should get a sober comment. You’re an expert in this field. Reminds acute, although often a measly in his final pronunciation, weapons, aimed at hypocrisy and stupidity. Comic Daniel Claus weight that cruel (usually) humor hides some universal drama that could affect anyone. After all, loneliness is a disease of the 21st century civilization. How much can we spend, accept or change to protect it?

“Wilson” lived up to the film adaptation of Director Craig Johnson. The main role was played by the daring woody Harrelson. His partner Laura Dern and Judy Greer are on screen.

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Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12

Books All Kids Should Read Before They're 12

Some time ago I recorded a podcast episode about how to encourage children to read books. And once you encourage, it’s worth thinking about what books to read. So, I have a list of the best children’s books for you, according to the expert!

Who is the expert on recommendations?

One day I decided to do children’s books. So I was inspired after seeing the relationship of parents and after reading books for children. I noticed a few problems:

  • There are parents who strongly choose books for their children and do it by various criteria. Sometimes very reasonable, sometimes not at all.
  • There are parents who confirm that their children have books, but they mostly associate only covers. They never reflected the content.
  • Books for kids that have crappy text. Represent the wrong values, the characters ‘ actions have no morality, no justification.
  • Books for kids that are hopeless, illustration and binding. Me, as an aesthete, especially painful for.
  • The choice of books is huge. Even I can’t cover all the publications and series of children’s books.
  • The entrance threshold is very small. Everyone can write a book for a child, everyone can spend too. Stand at the box office in costco or at the post office after 5 zlotys, parents and so will buy, regardless of the content, so do not strive in the process of creation.

And it means that for parents only that wise choice becomes more difficult. You can spend hours in bookstores looking for a better position, but honestly – which one of you has the time?

That’s why the statement was created.

Who is the expert on recommendations?Below you will find the age categories with detailed positions recommended by our today’s expert Iza nog.

Vasily Stavok is a teacher and speech therapist by education and vocation. He spends every spare minute reading books. Every day works with children and also with children talking about books, so children’s literature for her there are no secrets. Because of the education, passion and work-related diseases ISA must be very fast to read and this super power? More information about Ijo can be found here.

Next to each picture of the cover, I also prepared a selection of online stores where you can get this book-sorted from the cheapest store to the most expensive. These are affiliated links, which means that if you click on a specific link and buy the book, I get a percentage of the sale. The percentage is deducted from the margin of the online store, so the cost of the product remains the same for you.

Books for children aged 0-3 years

Books for children aged 0-3 yearsThe first category, and immediately there are stairs. For books for children, at this age it is too much. Here does not choose specific titles or authors, only “beautiful pictures” or “good stuff”. Therefore, in the younger age group, we decided to help parents find themselves in a ball.

How to take care of a child’s first experience with a book? Tips that will allow you to choose the right Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12.

Check if there is an error inside. It happens that books for young children contain very ugly males. It’s not even about typos, sometimes publishers have type problems, and instead we have this time, instead Orange, we have this orange (some consider the male form regionalism, rate yourself).

Avoid shrinking. Diminutive’s not bad. But they are more difficult to pronounce and read. According to the principle of gradation of complexity, we start with the basic forms. For example: bed-bed, blanket, shoes, shoes. If we want to make a diminutive, let’s immediately introduce meaningful differences in these words. “You have shoes (bed, duvet cover), Lala has shoes (baby cot, duvet cover).”- small items-reduced form, large items-basic form.

Aesthetics – viewing books with pictures and captions with your child also creates an aesthetic feeling. Sure, what you like is a completely individual question, but oversimplifying or infatuating images isn’t always a good idea. Must be clear and unambiguous. Well, unless we want to play guessing games.

Books with rhymes – easiest way is to use of the classics: “or Brzechwy. However, when we want to achieve something modern remember to check if the verses do not hurt too much Polish. Changing words in the wrong grammatical form of “to rhyme“or misunderstanding of the idea of rhyme (”there-there” -a real example, I’m not going to scoff, giving the author) are things that we want to avoid. This is important because the children instantly recognize these songs in memory, and will repeat them like mad, and probably better to repeat the correct polszczyznę?

Tales, fairy tales, folk tales – some of them convey morality, in some it is not obvious. Before you apply these stories to your child, consider whether they fit your value system. Some say Cinderella is sexist and teaches that women should clean up and be beautiful and wait for a man to save them from trouble. Others, teaches that humility, obedience, and politeness are good investments that will pay off. I believe that the most valuable option would be to use fairy tales and fairytales before discussing with the child and interpreting them together.

Carefully simplified and ugrzecznione version, it happens that cut out of them not only the elements of cruel (who read the Tales of The brothers Grimm in the original, knows what I mean), but also the elements that form the cause-effect.

Books for children aged 4-6 years

Books for preschoolers? We move to a higher level of qualification and recommend specific series and titles.

Books for children aged 4-6 yearsSERIES “I READ MYSELF” LEVEL 1-2.
Books that once could be found even in McDonald’s! This is a series publisher. History different, the authors, too,. Some of them are about animals, others about landing on the moon or Einstein. In each position Deposit a few words that the child should only know. For a Glossary explaining the meaning of these words, see the end of each book. The essence here is the message that they carry with them, namely: have the motivation to read independently. Great for reading with an adult and this is the form I most recommend.

Kids love animals. Even if they are sometimes afraid. Holly Webb in his books describes the vicissitudes of dogs, kittens or rabbits that are adopted by children. It is the children who care for them and the children take care of them. I recommend the books in this series for two reasons. First, they are simple, have large letters, they are not very long. This allows the child to work independently with the text and find values in the tête-à-tête mode with the book, secondly, they teach that animals have subjectivity, character, emotions. Teach, that doggy can scare, and kitten can get lost. And they teach how to behave when such a situation will meet our pet.

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