Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12

Books All Kids Should Read Before They're 12

Some time ago I recorded a podcast episode about how to encourage children to read books. And once you encourage, it’s worth thinking about what books to read. So, I have a list of the best children’s books for you, according to the expert!

Who is the expert on recommendations?

One day I decided to do children’s books. So I was inspired after seeing the relationship of parents and after reading books for children. I noticed a few problems:

  • There are parents who strongly choose books for their children and do it by various criteria. Sometimes very reasonable, sometimes not at all.
  • There are parents who confirm that their children have books, but they mostly associate only covers. They never reflected the content.
  • Books for kids that have crappy text. Represent the wrong values, the characters ‘ actions have no morality, no justification.
  • Books for kids that are hopeless, illustration and binding. Me, as an aesthete, especially painful for.
  • The choice of books is huge. Even I can’t cover all the publications and series of children’s books.
  • The entrance threshold is very small. Everyone can write a book for a child, everyone can spend too. Stand at the box office in costco or at the post office after 5 zlotys, parents and so will buy, regardless of the content, so do not strive in the process of creation.

And it means that for parents only that wise choice becomes more difficult. You can spend hours in bookstores looking for a better position, but honestly – which one of you has the time?

That’s why the statement was created.

Who is the expert on recommendations?Below you will find the age categories with detailed positions recommended by our today’s expert Iza nog.

Vasily Stavok is a teacher and speech therapist by education and vocation. He spends every spare minute reading books. Every day works with children and also with children talking about books, so children’s literature for her there are no secrets. Because of the education, passion and work-related diseases ISA must be very fast to read and this super power? More information about Ijo can be found here.

Next to each picture of the cover, I also prepared a selection of online stores where you can get this book-sorted from the cheapest store to the most expensive. These are affiliated links, which means that if you click on a specific link and buy the book, I get a percentage of the sale. The percentage is deducted from the margin of the online store, so the cost of the product remains the same for you.

Books for children aged 0-3 years

Books for children aged 0-3 yearsThe first category, and immediately there are stairs. For books for children, at this age it is too much. Here does not choose specific titles or authors, only “beautiful pictures” or “good stuff”. Therefore, in the younger age group, we decided to help parents find themselves in a ball.

How to take care of a child’s first experience with a book? Tips that will allow you to choose the right Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12.

Check if there is an error inside. It happens that books for young children contain very ugly males. It’s not even about typos, sometimes publishers have type problems, and instead we have this time, instead Orange, we have this orange (some consider the male form regionalism, rate yourself).

Avoid shrinking. Diminutive’s not bad. But they are more difficult to pronounce and read. According to the principle of gradation of complexity, we start with the basic forms. For example: bed-bed, blanket, shoes, shoes. If we want to make a diminutive, let’s immediately introduce meaningful differences in these words. “You have shoes (bed, duvet cover), Lala has shoes (baby cot, duvet cover).”- small items-reduced form, large items-basic form.

Aesthetics – viewing books with pictures and captions with your child also creates an aesthetic feeling. Sure, what you like is a completely individual question, but oversimplifying or infatuating images isn’t always a good idea. Must be clear and unambiguous. Well, unless we want to play guessing games.

Books with rhymes – easiest way is to use of the classics: “or Brzechwy. However, when we want to achieve something modern remember to check if the verses do not hurt too much Polish. Changing words in the wrong grammatical form of “to rhyme“or misunderstanding of the idea of rhyme (”there-there” -a real example, I’m not going to scoff, giving the author) are things that we want to avoid. This is important because the children instantly recognize these songs in memory, and will repeat them like mad, and probably better to repeat the correct polszczyznę?

Tales, fairy tales, folk tales – some of them convey morality, in some it is not obvious. Before you apply these stories to your child, consider whether they fit your value system. Some say Cinderella is sexist and teaches that women should clean up and be beautiful and wait for a man to save them from trouble. Others, teaches that humility, obedience, and politeness are good investments that will pay off. I believe that the most valuable option would be to use fairy tales and fairytales before discussing with the child and interpreting them together.

Carefully simplified and ugrzecznione version, it happens that cut out of them not only the elements of cruel (who read the Tales of The brothers Grimm in the original, knows what I mean), but also the elements that form the cause-effect.

Books for children aged 4-6 years

Books for preschoolers? We move to a higher level of qualification and recommend specific series and titles.

Books for children aged 4-6 yearsSERIES “I READ MYSELF” LEVEL 1-2.
Books that once could be found even in McDonald’s! This is a series publisher. History different, the authors, too,. Some of them are about animals, others about landing on the moon or Einstein. In each position Deposit a few words that the child should only know. For a Glossary explaining the meaning of these words, see the end of each book. The essence here is the message that they carry with them, namely: have the motivation to read independently. Great for reading with an adult and this is the form I most recommend.

Kids love animals. Even if they are sometimes afraid. Holly Webb in his books describes the vicissitudes of dogs, kittens or rabbits that are adopted by children. It is the children who care for them and the children take care of them. I recommend the books in this series for two reasons. First, they are simple, have large letters, they are not very long. This allows the child to work independently with the text and find values in the tête-à-tête mode with the book, secondly, they teach that animals have subjectivity, character, emotions. Teach, that doggy can scare, and kitten can get lost. And they teach how to behave when such a situation will meet our pet.

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