Wilson is like my nemesis – but I admire him also

Wilson is like my nemesis – but I admire him also

The number of the best literary outsiders just expanded to another nice, in his crazy form, man. Meet Wilson, the hero of the new cartoon Daniel Clowesa, which came out in circulation publishing Culture of Anger.

Wilson is set up as a series of short strips rather than one continued narrative

Wilson is set up as a series of short strips rather than one continued narrativeDo you know these people who sit in cafes, waiting rooms or other public places and talk to you even though you didn’t want to? And now add to that the arrogance, anger and endless reserves of cynicism and multiply by at least three. You Get Wilson.

The main character of the comic book Daniel Clovs is a lonely middle-aged egoist. Despite the appearance, it can not be called a misanthrope. Not keeping to himself. He likes to leave the house, is interested in the world around him and tries to establish contacts. Doing so, however, is not how it should be. Speaking out loud about things that others dare to think about at best is perceived because it is fair as an extremely obnoxious person.

When Wilson’s father dies, he comes a grim constellation that he was left alone. However, when the parent was alive, he often simply forgot about his existence, but now, when he was not enough, he realizes that he has no family. Nobody. But, as he himself says, ” life is difficult if you do not have someone to share it with.” So decides to find a wife, which broke up sixteen years ago. At the time of divorce, the woman was pregnant. Apparently, so son or daughter. True, the child was put up for adoption, but this is not an obstacle for Wilson. They will stop at nothing to do the right thing for the first time in their lives” and try to have a real family.

There are commonalities between the character Wilson and Seymour from ‘Ghost World’

There are commonalities between the character Wilson and Seymour from ‘Ghost World’The emergence of the comic is associated with the personal experiences of the author. Like Wilson, Clovs ‘ father died of cancer in the hospital. “I flew to Chicago and sat next to him in this vain hope that we would survive the moment of the final Epiphany, that he would tell me secrets he never told me, he would say something profound,” says Clow. “I sat there, nothing to do. I found it would be disrespectful if I checked my mailbox while it was lying next to it, so I thought I’d start drawing.” So Wilson was born, initially closer to his author, over time, however, starting to live his own life, modeled on many of his friends, aged artists who at some point of life turned into samotników about complex characters.

Readers of the previous comics of Daniel Clough, for example, “David Boring”, “patience”, and resumed only an iconic “Ghost World”, will surely surprise the form of “Wilson”. Instead of a continuous narrative, we get a set of one-page stories, drawn in a more or less realistic style, which, however, add up in a cohesive, but crazy story. Very original procedure, Wilson is like my nemesis – but I admire him also, which in this case will work fine. Because of the bite of the titular hero of each of the episodes takes the form of a separate sketch at the same time propelling the action forward.

“It was an experiment. I realized I was stuck making these long stories in which ożenionym with the same style, tempo and tone. In this situation, you can not change anything. I wanted to come up with a way to do more things where I could start each day with a new approach and keep my energy fresh,” explains Danielle Clow. The artist began to draw individual strips without thinking about a consistent narrative. Later, however, she began to follow from them a story. As Clowes counts, a total of three times as many boards have been created than we get in the comics. Finally got rid of all the ones that weren’t part of the story.

Ghost World remains a cult favourite

Ghost World remains a cult favouriteClowes has a special talent for creating characters-outsiders who can win the sympathy of readers. So it was even with Seymour in the “Ghost world”, which was mentioned earlier. You can’t react to Wilson like that. This is a hero, in which we can view, as if in a mirror. On the one hand, leads a life that none of us would like to know, on the other, however, sometimes in the spirit, we can envy him brazen openness, say what he thinks, and what we usually suppress in itself, was shackled by shame, konwenansami, or just the usual politeness.

Because we understand that some should get a sober comment. You’re an expert in this field. Reminds acute, although often a measly in his final pronunciation, weapons, aimed at hypocrisy and stupidity. Comic Daniel Claus weight that cruel (usually) humor hides some universal drama that could affect anyone. After all, loneliness is a disease of the 21st century civilization. How much can we spend, accept or change to protect it?

“Wilson” lived up to the film adaptation of Director Craig Johnson. The main role was played by the daring woody Harrelson. His partner Laura Dern and Judy Greer are on screen.

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